Employee Benefits

post-img17Employee benefits programs should be designed and managed to enhance your compensation strategy and corporate objectives. Grouping individuals together under a policy translates into savings for everyone when compared to individual coverage.A comprehensive benefits plan should include dental care, medical care, life and disability insurance for employees and/or their families. Whether you have 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 employees, AFG will find the best plan for your needs – we offer fully customized group benefits for any kind of business.Benefits of Group Insurance:

  • Opportunity to write off premiums as a business expense
  • Solidifies the loyalty and continued trust of employees by giving them a sense of belonging and security within the organization
  • Better staff retention due to the higher level of security they feel


Whether you have an existing Group Benefits plan that you are not happy with or if you wish to inquire about starting a new group plan, please contact us.  Many existing group plans are long overdue for a complete review, let us help you.


New and improved options for Group Employee Plans:

Convenience of a managed drug care program
Comprehensive package of information reports at renewal
Employee meetings and support for plan installation
Fast, efficient claim payments with direct-deposit
Plan Administration Kit providing an administration guide
and necessary forms in one convenient package
Plan design and ongoing consultation
Plan Member and Plan Administrator secure Internet sites
Pre-authorized debit service available for monthly premium payments
Simple and complete monthly premium billing statements, available online
Records maintenance
Toll-free customer service centre


To request a quote for Group Employee Benefits, please click here.

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