Depositphotos_10826294_originalAdvantages of your Group RRSP

A convenient way to save – Making regular contributions directly from your pay – before money ever reaches your bank account – makes it easier to commit to saving consistently.  Even if the amount you contribute each time is small – and is an amount you’re not likely to miss – it can grow very nicely over long term.

Immediate tax reduction – Regular payroll contributions to Registered  Retirement Savings Plans are taken from your gross pay before payroll taxes are calculated.  This immediately reduces the amount of your income that’s taxed.  You’ll only pay income tax on the remaining portion of your salary, so you’ll enjoy tax savings on each and every pay cheque throughout the year.

Competitive Fees – this Group RRSP is a low cost alternative for you and paying lower fees now means more of your money goes towards your retirement income.

Leading fund managers – With this Group RRSP, you have access to some of the world’s leading fund managers and their funds.  Many of these funds aren’t available to individual investors.

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